Hello and Welcome!

Béla Bunyik

Thank you for joining us at the 20th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles.

The 20th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles will be held in memory of Bonnie Bunyik, festival Vice President.

It is always such a pleasure to be able to share and highlight the richness and accom-plishment’s each year of the Hungarian cinema. It was always the intent of the Hungarian Film Festi-val of Los Angeles to showcase the best of contemporary Hungarian cinema not only to the Hungarian community but to all foreign film lovers everywhere. Our festival’s purpose is to inspire, teach, entertain, engage and yes, even sometimes enrage the audience. We feel we have accomplished our goal with the selection of films this year.

A special acknowledgement goes to the National Film Institute. With their support we were able to have the entire festival presented and viewed at the Laemmle Monica Film Center and bring Producer Adam Cobler and the Oscar winning Director Kristóf Deák from Hungary to attend the festival in person. Thank you does not even come close to cover the gratitude the festival has for its supporters.

We hope that you will experience a night of true Hungarian talent and spread the word.

Béla Bunyik
Béla Bunyik
Festival founder director