Witch House

screening time

Monica Film Center, 5:30pm, 29 October, 2022

Witch House


feature, HD, 90 minutes

comedy, drama

A documentary filmmaker finds a real treasure: five witches live in a villa in Rózsadomb. The crew filming with them gets a glimpse in the secretly operating commune to these days, where they encounter surprising and funny situations of modern capital city life with centuries-old traditions. But the filmmakers meanwhile discover something even more valuable: the value of mortality in the world of the immortals.


István Nyíri Kovács
Gábor Kertai, István Nyíri Kovács
Director of photography
László Blahó, Gabor Dorcsak
Gábor Kertai
Péter Fülöp, Balázs Herold
Executive Producer
Adam Cobler, Sandor Perecz
Gábor Nagypál, Júlia Fazakas, Piroska Mészáros, Éva Bakos, Antal Leisen, Kata Kuna, Péter Árvai, Győző Szabó