screening time

Monica Film Center, 6:50 PM, 30 October, 2022


(Attila, Isten ostora)

2001, feature, 177 minutes


Attila, the king of the Huns, is at the peak of his power: he brought half the world under his rule, but did not destroy Rome. The Goths also surrendered to him. The captive Gothic princess Mikolt is fueled by revenge and hatred for her murdered parents and her subjugated people.

But in the depths of the raging desire for revenge, a passionate love is hidden in Mikolt's heart, which he cannot even admit to himself. Attila's first meeting with the wild, mysterious woman also captures his heart. Will love be fulfilled, will the desire for revenge be fulfilled? After intrigue and betrayal, the two people prepare for their wedding night.

Behind the "wildly romantic" story of fatal love, Miklós Bánffy wrote a huge tableau of the dramatic meeting of two civilizations, the East and the West, in the drama The Gentleman, which our performance also attempts to show. If we look at the present, we see that whole peoples are moving back and forth in the world. Due to wars, civil wars, and famines, hundreds of thousands of people are forced to flee their homeland in search of a new homeland and refuge. Millions of guest workers flock from one continent and country to another. We are living the historical dimension of the dramatic encounters and clashes between the East and the West - again.